Walt Disney World – Mickey Here We Come!

Shelby has reached the age where she wants to experience the magic world of Disney 🙂  I myself have never been, thanks mom and dad … lol.  They actually went together when my two younger sisters and I were little … did you catch that?  THEY WENT WITHOUT US!  I am not a huge Disney fanatic but it just seemed like we would be doing our Shelby a disservice if we did not take her at least once!  Zach and I were once again thankful for our decision to have only one child as we were able to take one of Shelby’s best friends with us that otherwise may not have had the chance to go.  Mireala is in many of my posts and I considered her a daughter from another mother 🙂


Our flight went off without a hitch … and it was not long before we arrived at our hotel, The Contemporary Disney Resort!  Let the adventure begin!!

The very first thing Shelby and Mirela had to accomplish was sticking their toes in the warm Florida sand!  The hotel not only had a great swimming pool with a water slide but it was on a lake as well!  Our room faced the water and had a great view of the lake!  The balcony was the perfect spot to sit and watch the boats troll by.

On our first night we decided to head to Downtown Disney and catch a fabulous show … Cirqu de Sola.  AND YES … that is a hummer limo these girls are riding in!  Starting the trip off with a BANG!!

Movie night!!  How cool … they set up a big outdoor screen and chairs for us to chill in and we watch A Bug’s Life on the beach.  Good times!!  Daddy and Shelby snuggled up = LOVE!


After movie night it was time to get some sleep because our first day at the parks was only a few hours away!  Epcot was on the Russell schedule first.

Off we go … had to get the all important autograph books!!


The tram to the parks ran right through our hotel … doesn’t get much easier than that!

Everyone loved Epcot!  We spent the whole day exploring and having fun as a family.  Zach and I had a blast taste testing all the beers from around the world … did I ever mention (only a ton of times lol) that we love beer 😉






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