St. Lucia

What can I really say? St. Lucia was incredible!  When I started researching for this vacation what I was looking for was an oasis away from the real world where my husband and I could just escape and be us and have a great experience.  We do not have the funds of the rich and famous where we are able to take trips to the most exotic of places…St. Lucia really was incredible and met all of our expectations for sure!

I booked this this trip through Fun Jet, again, my favorite travel site I have found thus far!

This was just this best time I have ever had on vacation with my husband…I can’t wait for the next one!

We stayed at the Sandals Grand St. Lucian.  There are 3 Sandals resorts on the island of St. Lucia and you have the option to use amenities at all three, however we did not as we found plenty to keep us busy at our resort.

The first day we just hung around the resort checking out the beach…

And of course the swim-up bar!

This was our favorite spot to grab a bite to eat, right next to the main pool and pretty good food too!  The food at these resorts can sometimes be an issue for me as I am not the most adventurous when it comes to trying new things.  I have to say that I was very pleased with all of the food served at the restaurants and snack bars, and of course room service. We certainly indulged in all week!

Zach and I love to go on the excursions on any trip!  We choose to take a short boat ride and check out the Piton Mountains, absolutely beautiful!

The next stop on the boat trip was the St. Lucia Volcano Tour & Mud Bath. The famous Soufriere volcano, also known as Sulphur Springs, is the world’s only drive-in volcano.  When you first arrive the stench of sulphur is overpowering to say the least…but you get used to it a bit and overall it was a really neat sightseeing experience.

When we first arrived at the volcano we hiked a short distance to a natural hot spring pool to take a dip and see the waterfall.


I have certainly seen bigger waterfalls…but it was neat because the water is naturally heated, and it was REALLY warm, almost too hot for me!

And…then it was time for our mud bath!!

Man, it was hard to get that stuff off, but my skin had never felt so soft!

One night we decided to check out the sunset cruise…what a great way to end another great day of vacationing Russell style!



And more fun…

Every time we go on a trip I see these pretty little tables set up for two on the beach.  I finally insisted to my husband that it was MY turn.  It was really romantic and fun to sit alone on the beach and be spoiled by a great waiter!

Our last night in St. Lucia we had dinner at the Italian restaurant and reminisced about our great trip.  I was very ready to get home to see Shelby but SO not ready to leave this place!

St. Lucia was an awesome experience and we still talk about it often.  I 100% recommend it if you are looking for a romantic couples trip!  Just beware there are a lot of honeymooners there and the romance is catchy even for those like us who have been married awhile!  You cannot help but enjoy every minute at a place like this.

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