I LOVE to travel!  I was fortunate enough during my military days to travel often, even if some of the trips were to the desert in the Middle East, I was thankful every time I got to see something new and different.

I often find myself looking to the sky when I see a plane flying overhead and just wish I was on it, not even caring where it might be going!

After the military my traveling days slowed as I was a poor college student, weekend trips were more my style then.  They slowed, even more, when I had my daughter.  I can’t say that we did not travel, however it was mainly to visit family in other states on holidays…not exactly the vacations I lusted after!

A couple of years ago I decided to put my foot down and insist that my husband take me away on a “real” vacation like “real” adults go on!  It was one of the best things we ever did and now we are totally hooked.

I have a HUGE vacation bucket list and will be working on posting my dream vacations here so that others can get some good ideas 🙂

My belief is that there is nothing like experiencing something new and exciting with the ones you love the most.  Would it sound wrong to say that it makes me love them even more?

Check out some of the places we have been in the recent past…maybe you will find your next destination!  I believe vacation should be a priority.  It is one of those things that keeps getting put off but it is SO worth the planning and the saving once you get there!


Riviera Maya Mexico





St. Lucia




Carnival Cruise

Punta Cana Dominican Republic


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