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Maintaining your weight loss can be difficult.  The first few months are so important!  Just because you reach your goals does not mean it is time to revert back to your old habits.  I say this to myself often!  Here are a few of the things I am doing to ensure all my hard work was not for nothing!

Eating Right
I am continuing to make healthy eating choices that have helped me maintain my weight.  I am still cooking up a storm and have found a new passion for good food that is good for me and my family.  I still count my calories daily, although I am not as rigid with my daily intake.  I pay attention to what I have eaten everyday and adjust accordingly throughout the week when it comes to my meals and my workouts.  I find that now, after changing my eating habits so drastically, I am actually craving the foods that I should eat and not those that will put me right back where I started.  Eating healthy is now just something that I do … I still fall off the wagon every once and awhile but it is a lot easier to get back on.  maintaining weight

I exercise every day I can, making sure to get at least 4-5 workouts in per week.  I have become so accustomed to working out that I feel my day is not complete unless I fit one in.  I allow myself a few more days off than I did when I was trying to lose the weight BUT I do not want to fall into a pattern of taking days off.  It is SO hard to make exercising a habit and I remind myself of that every time I skip a workout.  I workout just as hard, actually harder, then when I was losing weight.  Mainly this is because I have increased my cardio stamina and overall strength.  I am focusing on building muscle, strength, and endurance.  I am challenging myself to bring my fitness to the next level. maintaining weight

Listening to My Body
Although I am no longer trying to lose weight, I do not want to put any back on.  I am watching my body and paying close attention to how it reacts to missed workouts or when I make bad decisions concerning food.  I have found that the more in tune you are with what your body requires, one to lose weight, and two to keep it off, the better your chances of maintaining a healthy weight for the long term.  Everyone is different and you need to be honest with yourself about how hard you are actually trying! maintaining weight

Remembering the Hard Times
I think one of the best things about losing weight is the feeling you get knowing that you accomplished such a difficult task.  I constantly remind myself how much effort was required and it often makes me stop reaching for whatever bad thing was calling my name, or makes me just put my sneakers on and get a workout in.  It was very hard for me to make healthy eating and working out a central part of my life.  I want to keep the momentum going because to start again would be harder than just continuing on.  maintaining weight

This blog, all be it still very new, has been a great tool in keeping me motivated.  I find myself saying, “how can I write this if I am not out doing it?”, so I get up and go do it!  My goal is to keep this blog going as long as I can.  I enjoy it very much and hope that it will always keep me focused on my journey.  Sharing is a great way to stay motivated!

No matter what, just keep telling yourself that it is a journey and you have to keep going long after the hard work is done!

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