Losing Weight – What I Did

Here are some of the major things I did that made my weight loss journey a reality.  None of them happened overnight but they are now things I try and live by everyday.  Be sure to click on (read more) to get more details 🙂

FINALLY Said NO…to Myself
When it came to gaining weight I used to think that “one more won’t matter in the long run”, but eventually it did.  I had to learn to not to allow myself to talk myself into poor decisions.  I am SO not perfect at this to this day, and most likely never will be!  I realized that it is the moment by moment choices we make that really make the difference! (read more)

Counted Calories
Keeping a calorie journal and writing down the calories I was eating every time I put something into my mouth was what I call “my ticket”, because this is what really hit it home for me.  This was hard but I really believe that it was major in my journey.  I figured out how many calories I wanted to eat/drink and I worked really hard to stick to it day after day. (read more)

Started Really Exercising
I am not a person who has a lot of time during the day to exercise.  I had to find a way to make exercising fit into my day on my terms.  Exercise has become an important part of my day (most days) but it was not easy! (read more)

Photo Shoots
I took a picture the day I really got serious about weight loss and I continued to take them throughout the journey.  They were a great tool to keep me motivated and to really access my progress objectively.  (read more)  (see the pictures)

Meal Planning
I started prepping my food beforehand so that when it came time to make a decision as to what I was going to eat there was little room for indecision.  Sometimes I spend a whole Sunday cooking and preparing food for the week.  In the beginning this was VERY important to my weight loss!  (read more)

Dinner Makeover  I used to always make dinner and eat what everyone else was having.  Makes sense right?  Well, I decided that if I really wanted to lose weight I would have to make life a bit harder for myself, meaning I could prepare my family’s meals but I could also prepare myself a weight loss friendly meal. We also started to make dinner a priority, a family event each evening. (read more)

Reading about everything and anything I could find about weight loss, exercise, healthy eating, you name it, made everything become so much more real for me.  Not only did I gain an expanded base of knowledge I had new tools to help me along the way.  Knowledge is power!  (read more)

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