The Journey Pictures

This is one of the best things I did!  I know, they are TERRIBLE pictures, but they remind me often of my progress.  I am FAR from done but I am so glad I have them to inspire me to keep going.  Directly below are day one, 1/24/12, and the most recent picture log update side by side…I just can’t wait to see what I can do going forward (as soon as I finally fully recover from this surgery that is)!  I find it bold when people are willing to post their pictures…so I am trying to be bold! weight loss

If you scroll down further you can take a look at them all in reverse chronological order…please be kind.  This is for motivation, mostly mine, not ridicule!

1/24/12 – 9/22/12

The Journey 9/22/12
Finally starting to get to workout again the way I (almost) want to.  I have to remember to take it easy as I DO NOT want another setback that puts me back in the hospital for another surgery.  This journey is SO worth it…but being in the hospital sucks!  Just trying to remember my limits and that nothing needs to be accomplished in a day!  Good things come to those who wait…right?


The Journey 9/13/12
These pictures were taken at one of my first trips back to the gym after my surgery.  WAY too skinny I know!  This was not my intent…fit is my goal not skin and bones!  I could not eat for 12 days and it took me awhile to fill back out after being in the hospital for so long.  This is about 3 weeks after surgery, when I walked out of the hospital I was looking even worse!  Down to about 106 pounds…NOT the goal!


The Journey 7/10/12
I remember this day well, my husband was coming home the next day – 30 pounds lost and I am feeling good.  I was very excited to show off my hard work and make him proud 🙂 Vacation to Mexico only a couple of weeks away.  I have hit another plateau but know from past experience that I can, again, get through this one as well.  Here I have hit my goal weight, but not my goal muscle mass and body fat percentage.  Just a bit more work in store for me.


The Journey 6/23/12
At this point I remember thinking that I was finally starting to see what I was feeling.  I felt strong and motivated to just keep at it.  Working out finally became a normal part of my routine.  WOW! it took a long time to feel like it was not a chore but something I actually enjoyed and really looked forward to.


The Journey 6/8/12
UGH!  I SO felt like I was not getting anywhere when these pictures were taken.  I had my mom snap them right after finishing an Insanity workout, sorry about the sweat!  She told me that my shorts were making my love handles bulge out.  The WORST thing to hear when trying so hard.  In hindsight it probably made me work harder and I guess I am thankful for that, but shame on you mom (sarcastically said).


The Journey 5/15/12
Time to focus on getting some muscle in that flat butt of mine…lol!  Really, I decided to add a lot more weight training into my workouts.  The more research I did the more I learned just how important it is at all stages, but even more so now.


The Journey 4/4/12
Our trip to St. Lucia is not far away at this point, time to turn it up a notch.  This is the point I started working out 2X a day at least three days a week to see if I could just break through the plateau I found myself in, yet again.


The Journey 3/27/12
Just keeping the course and trying to keep educating myself and pushing myself harder.  This really is HARD work!


The Journey 3/14/12
I never look very happy in these pictures…lol.  I like these ones though, something was starting to happen.  Maybe I WAS doing something right!


The Journey 2/4/12
Progress is slow…something I had to learn!  I like instant gratification and work hard to get it.  I had to be taught the hard way that weight loss is a progression and there is just NOTHING you can do to make it happen overnight, if you want to do it the right way that is.  All you can do is just keep going and keep working hard.  I had to work hard to keep myself motivated and stay the course every step of this journey thus far.


The Journey 1/24/12
I had my daughter take these pictures of me, and I am glad I did.  These were taken right after our cruise and were a big wake-up call for me to say the least.  I just knew then and there that I wanted to change the path I was on and start working on my health and fitness.  The journey truly begins.


All in all, I am so glad that I decided to take these pictures along the way.  They are hard for me to share, but again, it keeps me motivated and accountable.  The only person I will have to blame in the end is myself if I fail to forget the commitment and hard work involved!

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