Why the Journey to Fit?

Why the journey to fit?  To make a positive change in my life that would not only prove to make me feel better about myself, but better about life in general.  It is amazing how one positive change is often followed by another, and another, and another… journey to the goal

I would love to be able to say that one day I just woke up and said, “that’s it…I am going to start running again…I am going to stop eating out…I am going to stop sabotaging my goals…I am going to work hard every day to lose weight”.  WELL that is not what happened, it took a lot longer than I thought, and it was a lot harder than I imagined! journey to the goal

I am not one of those weight loss bloggers who has had a ton of weight to lose and has an incredible story to tell.  Many of those bloggers definitely inspired me along the way!  I am just an average person who now knows that it is NO JOKE to lose even a pound!   I can now admit that I did not fully understand how hard it is to lose weight until I realized I needed to lose some as well!

I wish I could tell you what I weighed at the height of my pregnancy because I am sure that it would make for a better story…I honestly do not remember and it changes every time I tell the story so I will just omit it completely.   What I do know is that I, over the past 7 years, since my daughter was born, have neglected my personal fitness and in turn it has affected how I have felt about myself, my friendships, my marriage…and the list goes on and on. journey to the goal

My epiphany occurred during a contest at work that started on January 1st of 2012.  The goal was not the most weight lost but the highest percentage of body weight lost within a three month period.  I knew that I truly could not win as I did not have that much weight to lose and my pounds were those stubborn last 20.   In my mind though I did win! I am still working toward my goals and proving to everyone along the way, especially myself, that I can do this! Once I started to see what I really could do I was hooked!

I am NOT super skinny – I am NOT super fit – but I am on a journey to see just what my body can do.

When I got serious about this I was at 138 pounds (I am 5.5).  I was not extremely overweight but I was VERY uncomfortable in my own skin!  Losing weight and, let’s be honest, losing fat, is the same no matter the starting number on the scale!

I have followed a plan that I created, it is not like it is rocket science but it worked.  I have still been able to enjoy so many of the things I love, beer being one of them, and I have seen the results I was hoping for.

I have lost over 28 pounds and never been so darn proud of myself.  I want to help others feel that proud and get where they want to be.  The next step of my journey is making sure that what I have learned and done so far becomes a part of my life that will never waiver.  I want to be inspired by others to keep going – and I want to help inspire others.

Losing weight truly is a personal journey that you must own up to in every way.  It is NOT easy BUT it really is FUN (after about 3 months when the changes really start happening inside and out!).  As you see the scale toggle down, and your clothes start getting too big, people start noticing, and the best thing EVER, your husband says “you have abs”!

Please share and comment so that everyone else out there on this journey knows they are not alone.  There is nothing that you are feeling that no one else has already felt!

Just keep going … we will eventually get there!

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