My Journey to Fit

I will admit it, when I first decided that I needed to lose some weight I jumped on the Internet and did every search I could think of that would lead me to a slim waist and less body fat.

I guess I was fooling myself because I now know from the pains of getting rid of body fat that there is no target fat loss, target toning, or eating certain foods that will make you lose fat in any one area. losing body fat

The ONLY right way to lose body fat is to watch your diet and add cardio and weight training consistently to your routine.  Fat develops on your body when excess calories that are ingested are not used as energy and are stored as fat in the body.  These calories can come from any food you eat, healthy or not, a calorie is a calorie when it comes weight gain and in turn fat loss.

I see my journey in two parts – part one losing weight and part two keeping it off.  Check out the pages on each for a bit more detail.  I hope that my journey will give you some ideas and helpful hints to keep going on yours. losing body fat

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