I am now 35 years old, and I LOVE my 30’s thus far.  I always wanted to be a 30-something, not sure how I will feel when the next decade rounds the corner.  Maybe some of you will be able to shed some light on that one! journey to the goal


I have been married to Zach for eight years now.  My husband works away from home many months out of the year and we have a different lifestyle than many married couples I know, however, it has worked for us.  I am VERY proud of the work he does…and God Bless America!

I have a daughter who is 9, and is the love of my life.  I mean my husband is right up there, but it is truly amazing just how strong and deep the love for your children is the minute you learn they exist.  I love being a mom and I love the challenges it presents me every day.  Being a mom forces me to be a better person, without her my life, without a doubt, would be VERY different indeed! journey to the goal

And I think she is just beautiful…

I work full-time as a VP of Operations and Sales at a company here in Keller, Texas.  I sometimes get to work the normal Monday through Friday 8-5 deal, but not a guarantee!  I work when and where needed.  I am very familiar with how hard it is to play the balancing act with work, family, and a maintaining a little bit of your own life and identity.

I grew up in a small town in Maine and love being able to say so.  After  graduating high school I joined the Army and was stationed in Georgia at Fort Gordon for four 1/2 years, when not deployed overseas.  After separating from the Army I went to college in Georgia and graduated with a BS in Political Science with all intentions to heading off to law school … but life did not play out that way. :)  I had my baby girl in Georgia and when she was 6 months old we all moved back to Maine for a short stint.  We bought a couple of houses and a business trying to put some new roots down, but I knew Maine was not the place I wanted to be.  I was offered a job in Texas and within a month off we went!  I now, lovingly, call Texas my home and until Zach and I retire on the beach it will continue to be home.

I love to read, write, drink beer, travel, garden, cook, eat, work out, and try out new hobbies on for size.  I have A LOT of hobbies as you will surly see if you look around!  I have run businesses, tried just about every craft there is, enjoy my time with family and friends,  love to spend time alone, am a clean freak … and the list goes on.  I will try just about anything once and there are many stories to be told!.  I just cannot help myself from keeping busy, without a project I am lost, when I need to make one for myself I just repaint a room in my house or anything else I can find to put on my plate … really!  You can imagine just how much my husband loves that (sarcastically said).   NOTHING about me is perfect … I AM FAR FROM IT.  I want to use this platform to help myself and others. the goal

Basically I just love trying to “find myself”, that’s what I call my crazy life to make me feel better!  I am just trying to enjoy the journey every step of the way.  It does not always go my way…but I can only keep going, cause if I stop I must be dead.

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