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Sometimes we just cannot avoid the fast food.  I actually believe that there is a time and a place for fast food in all of our busy lives.  I used to LOVE it and crave it!  It is true that once you cut fast food out of your diet for a spell you do stop craving it and start to crave the “good stuff” that is good for you.  I ate SO terrible for so long I would have never thought this to be true, but I am now a believer.  The longer you can stay away from fast food the less you will crave it.  Now, I will not say that a McDonald’s hamburger and fries will not taste good after you have not had one in months, but I will say that you will think differently about getting the Big Mac and will hopefully opt for a cheeseburger Happy Meal.

I found some great links that help me when I need to know what the calorie damage is when I MUST make a fast food stop.  I suggest checking them out…you may be surprised at how many choices are out there.  It is all about being informed before you get there.


McDonald’s is rocking it with their new online menu!  All you have to do is place mouse on food picture and calories are displayed!  Awesome!

McDonald’s Favorites Under 400

McDonalds’s My Meal Builder

Full Menu (with calorie counts)



Burger King

Full Menu (with calorie counts)

Customize Your Meal (click on menu and go from there)




Meal Builder

Menu Items Nutrition Information



Taco Bell

Full Menu Nutrition Information





Full Menu Nutrition Information

Meal Calculator



I will, over time, continue to add to this page.

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