Circuit Training

Circuit training could be just what you are looking for!  Adding circuit training to your workout regimen adds variety, flexibility, and fun.  You can create circuit workouts using weight machines, cardio equipment, free weights, or nothing but your own body weight and some effort.

Circuit training is not really a form of exercise but a description of how the workout is structured and performed.  Workouts consist of exercises, or sometimes stations as with many boot camp circuit training models, that are done in quick succession.  One of the most defining features of circuit training workouts is that the rest period between exercises is kept to a minimum to maximize time and keep the workouts short and to the point. circuit training


Improves Overall General Fitness
Circuit training can be effective as a way to improve general overall fitness, through strength and endurance exercises.  Completing high intensity exercises in quick succession helps to improve strength, muscle development, and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, at the same time. Workouts can be created to focus on specific muscle groups and circuits can be performed as few or as many times as you wish to maximize muscle development.  The alternating of exercises allows maximum recovery of muscle groups so you get a better more efficient workout.  Why would you want to workout longer than you have to?  I know I don’t! circuit training

Very Versatile
Circuit training workouts are extremely versatile!  They can also be done just about anywhere so it leaves little room for the excuse, “I just cannot find time to get to the gym”.  You can perform circuit training workouts that use any type of equipment or absolutely none at all.  You can create workouts that focus on specific muscle groups, cardio training only, or a combination of both for maximum results.  Basically, a circuit training workout can be anything you want it to be.  You can perform circuit training workouts boot camp style, weight machine based, cardio focused, or a combination of all three.  YOU get to make them what you want…how fun is that! circuit training

Calorie Burn
We work out to build lean muscle mass and to BURN CALORIES.  Circuit training workouts help you burn more calories in a shorter period of time, especially if it is a strength training focused circuit workout.  During a traditional weight lifting workout you can burn about 200 calories per hour; during a circuit training workout you can burn up to 10 calories per minute, according to Fitness magazine.  This equals 600 calories per hour!  If you add cardio segments between muscle development focused exercises it will boost your calorie burn even more!  No matter what exercises you choose in your circuit workout, you WILL burn more calories than straight low intensity cardio.  During workout and post workout calorie burn can is increased with circuit workouts, a big benefit for those trying to lose body fat! circuit training

Make it as Challenging as You Want
orkouts can be as long or as short as you want.  You have the option to customize the workout to fit your individual time restraints.  You can complete a circuit one time just to fit a quick workout in your busy day, or you can complete two, three, or more times to reap the benefits, they can be as challenging as you want.  No matter your fitness level you can complete circuit training workouts that match your abilities.  The most important thing is to challenge yourself, within your limits, to push further than you think you can…you just might be surprised and PROUD of yourself when you are done. circuit training

Fights Boredom
Circuit training workouts are fun and keep you interested!  Changing exercises quickly helps prevent you from becoming bored and unsatisfied with your workout routine.  You can always change up the order of the exercises or swap new exercises in and out depending on what your “workout mood” is that day.  The short duration of the exercises in a circuit training workouts help keep you focused.  When running on a treadmill for any length of time, how often do you find yourself looking at the time and thinking, “WOW! That’s all!”  Circuit training exercises are short bursts of high intensity exercises that change rapidly, keeping you focused on the next exercise in the circuit and not on the one you are completing. circuit training

Circuit training workouts are very efficient.  With these workouts you are constantly moving, less rest time between exercises means you are in and out of the gym faster, or if doing them at home, finished sooner to get back to all that needs to be done.  You get to minimize the time you spend on cardio equipment but get the same results when you add circuit training workouts 3-4 times a week into your routine.

All in all I am a big fan of these types of workouts and you will see many of them in my workout routines.  The most important thing, I will say it again, is to just get out there and do something.  There really are no excuses. circuit training

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