Welcome to 2017! AND The Start Of A New Chapter In The Journey!

Ever have to push the reset button, the reset button on life!?!?!  Well that is what I have resolved to do this year!  I had somewhat of a rough 2016 … not that anything really terrible happened, I really have no one to blame but myself!  I gained weight, did not take proper care of myself, returned to old harmful habits, and that’s just to name a few things.  I am so looking forward to starting 2017 off right and making it my main mission again to reset myself on the right track, to put my mission of being healthy, fit, and happy back at the forefront of my daily life.

My plan is to share my ups and downs over this year, to help motivate me and maybe even help just one person out there who may be struggling with weight, married life, parenting, parents, motivation, goal setting, time management … well you get the idea.  I have work to do on all areas of my life.

This is my journey, to get back to and beyond where I was two years ago (if I am being totally honest).  On all levels of my life I need to push the reset button and remember what it was I worked so hard for in the past.

Here’s to the JOURNEY!  Here’s to 2017!!




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