Tomato & Feta Portobello

Tuesday has come … I feel lucky today as I got a text message from my boss this morning that we all going to work from home and have a remote conference staff meeting!  I love messages in the morning that make me smile, especially ones that allow me to stay in my jammies just a bit longer!

I have never claimed to be a morning person, I wish I was one sometimes.  I do know that when I get up and get moving at the crack of dawn I do get more accomplished and am more likely to get to bed at a decent time!  Maybe I really should work on that.  Too bad I didn’t make that one of my New Year’s resolutions … oh well.

Today I am working on a furniture painting project for my brother-in-law (pics to be posted later).  I used to re-do furniture all the time for a little antique mall booth I had, but it has been awhile and I am just not really feeling it 🙁

With that being said … I needed a lunch break.  I had one more portobello mushroom cap in the fridge that had about a day left in it’s life.  I simply added some diced tomatoes and feta cheese and threw it in the oven.


I probably should have left it in to melt a little more but I was hungry 🙂  This is a super healthy, fast, and low calorie lunch.  The greatest thing about portobello mushrooms is that you can throw just about anything into them, cover with some cheese, and bake and you have yourself a nice little lunch or dinner side dish.

I’d better get back to painting if I ever think I may finish today!

Question of the Day?  What do you put in your portobello mushroom caps?

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